Metal detectorist says he found witch bottle containing urine and human tooth

A terrifying 19th-century "witch bottle" containing hair, urine and a human tooth has been unearthed by a metal detectorist.

The perfectly-preserved clear bottle was found by Chris Langston, 48, in secluded woodland near Oswestry, Shropshire.

After digging up the perfectly-preserved Victorian glass apothecary vessel, a tooth slid down the tube and also spotted hair, all submerged in what appeared to be urine.

He also found a severed doll's head nearby, and fearing he may have disturbed an ancient curse he has returned the items to their original location to avoid "any bad juju".

The dad-of-three made the creepy discovery after noticing a pile of broken crockery in the dirt and went to inspect it further last Wednesday, June 30.

Archaeologists say bottles were filled with such items as long ago as the 1600s to stop evil forces from entering the home.

His local finds liaison officer confirmed the 11.5cm tall and 2cm wide bottle dated back to between 1860-1900.

Chris said: “On the latest visit I found a blue poison bottle and a broken doll's head which was creepy in itself, which dates to 1900.

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“And then I was digging away and this bottle came out and I thought 'what’s that inside?' and a tooth slid up the bottle.

“On closer inspection, I noticed there was a load of hair in there and that left me a little bit curious and I thought it was a bit peculiar.

“So I did a bit of research online and discovered it was a witch bottle and it was later confirmed to be it could date back to 1860."

He added: I did take it to my mum's and she said to me 'get that thing outside', she wouldn't even have it in the house.

“I went back the following day and placed it in an undisturbed part near the area where I found it and buried it slightly just to avoid any bad juju.

"The most bizarre thing is that I've never believed in anything like this but I’m not willing to take the risk.

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"So I’ve suddenly become all superstitious within a shovel full. I did get a bit creeped out by it all.

"The other thing was that because a bit of the wax and cork had broken, I got 150-year-old wee all over my hands.

"People have been warning me to be careful and telling me all about witches, the occult and voodoo.

"It's been quite fascinating but I think I did the right thing putting it back."

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