Mice-infested flat is so bad the vermin run over blokes head while he sleeps

A man has said that the mice infestation at the tower block he calls home has become so bad that the pests are now running over his and his wife's faces while they're in bed.

The anonymous resident of Malus Court in Salford, Greater Manchester, has snapped disturbing photos of mice chilling on his bed, and dead rodents he's disposed of.

He added that the situation is "too much" and that the company that manages the tower "don't want to know" despite Pendleton Together telling M.E.N that they are on top of the issue.

“I was in bed on Saturday night and mice ran across my wife’s head,” said the resident, who does not wish to be named. “[It went] around my pillow and it went over my hair. It’s not just my flat. There’s a few flats that have mice.

“A guy put pest controls under my counter — he put some poison down there. He was telling us, [at another flat] in my block, he walked in and removed the TV and dozens of mice ran out."

The fed up resident said the problem has been exacerbated by ongoing works to remove cladding on his building — which in effect has created a network of ‘gaps’ for the mice to run through, between people's homes.

“They are going through the flats. When they put the cladding on, they put the new holes for the heating system. They put the pipes in ours through the house.

“What they have done is drill these holes. The mice are running through the gaps to run between the flats.”

The man, who has lived in his two-bedroom apartment for more than a decade, says the situation is "too much".

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He added: “If it is a windy day, our block howls and there is a pressure build-up to open the door. It’s too much.

“They do not want to know, and they’re passing the buck. We are lucky that it is only mice. It could be rats.”

When contacted about the infestation, Pendleton Together told the Manchester Evening News that action had already taken place to remedy the issue, and some tenants had even been offered alternative accommodation.

They said the issue was flagged on January 10 and that they undertook "initial work" the next day.

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"We subsequently received reports last weekend from the same resident of mice in their bedroom and immediately offered to temporarily decant them while we fully investigate and deal with the situation," a spokesman added.

They returned yesterday for "a planned follow-up visit and to undertake further work."

The spokesman added that pest control professionals were contacting people in other properties as part of a "thorough investigation."

“Pendleton Together is committed to the welfare of all our residents and we will always do whatever we can to address any concerns," they said.

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