Mum accidentally became strip club owner when training to be an accountant

A mum of four says she accidentally ended up running a strip club loved by footballers.

Former model Amy Gwnn, 34, was training to be an accountant when she threw herself into life as the world of sex entertainment.

Having just had a baby and feeling insecure about her body, Amy admits she was not sure about working with "gorgeous girls with big boobs and tiny waists".

But she and her partner heard plenty of money was to be had from owning a strip club so they took the plunge with Rude in Liverpool.

Amy told the ECHO: "It was very much accidentally, I just fell into it. My now-husband had always worked in the clubbing industry and had all the links to the club world.

"I'd previously worked as a model so I had a lot of contacts and knew a lot of girls but I'd never danced or been in a strip club and I had those preconceptions about what it was.

"It's kind of like the unknown, which is why I've been so determined to change people's mindset because I know first hand what it's like to have that negative outlook."

Amy's "accidental" venture into running a strip club began while she was training to be an accountant and fell pregnant with her first child.

The business owner said: "I was training to be an accountant and studying business studies which is obviously very, very different to what I'm doing now but it was good because it gave me some experience with running a business and handling accounts.

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"Then I fell pregnant at 21 and my husband's DJ work was coming to an end and we just panicked, looking for something to do and all he knew was clubs and anything to do with clubs.

"I was on maternity leave and he came to me and said he'd been told if you open a strip club, you can make a lot of money but I wasn't feeling my best, I'd gone from modelling and being in front of a camera, to losing that, feeling insecure in myself and just being a mum. I thought I was going to have to face all these gorgeous girls with big boobs and tiny waists but it wasn't like that.

"We decided to give it a go. I can remember sitting down and thinking, 'what are we going to call it?' and we had the smallest amount of money to spend on it because we were saving for a house so we bought the club with our deposit for a house.

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Amy said: "The demand was so big. We had footballers coming in and everything.

Over Rude's 11-year history, Amy has welcomed all sorts of customers, from footballers to hen parties – and she believes the perception of strip clubs is changing.

She said: "When we started, there were no Instagram accounts of strip clubs. I wanted to glamorise dancing and let people know it's not something you should be ashamed of.

"We get a lot of women and couples coming in now, we're changing the perceptions."

She went on: "We used to think it was somewhere we, as women, weren't allowed to go and see and we don't know what happened and we'd think it was full of strippers stealing our men's money but since I've come out and shown it's really not like that at all, we get so many hen parties coming in now and they're the best customers."

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