Mum accidentally shoots baby daughter after neighbour scoffs her Uber Eats meal

A mum accidentally shot her one-year-old daughter during a row after a neighbour scoffed her Uber Eats takeaway, according to reports.

The baby was left critically injured after the shooting in Detroit, US.

Police said she was hit as her mum – who has a concealed pistol licence – argued about the food order on Monday night.

One of her neighbours was reportedly wielding a hammer when the mum pulled out a handgun and opened fire.

The tot was seated in a nearby car when one of the shots struck her, Fox 2 reported.

A hungry neighbour ate the meal after it had been sat untouched for around half an hour after it was dropped off, US media reported.

But it sparked a furious response from the mum.

Witness Danniea Daniels, 30, said she saw the mum storm out of her house and attack the woman.

She said she heard the mum say, “I’m going to get my gun, I’m going to get my gun”.

Ms Daniels said her fiancé tried to break up the fight and offer to pay the mum for the takeaway, but she refused.

She said: "By the time I come around the bend she’s fighting, I mean she’s arguing with him.

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"So I run up on her and I say whatever and next thing you know, we get to fighting.”

She said her fiancé kept trying to break it up, but eventually they ended up standing near the mum’s car with the neighbour who ate the food.

The mum started shooting and accidentally hit her baby, she added.

The mum was arrested while the tot was taken to hospital.

Both the gun and the hammer were recovered by police.

Ms Daniels said: "If you can avoid a situation because you have kids and you can walk away from it with your kids, you do that.”

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