Mum horrified after son drinks ‘colourless’ skimmed milk ‘diluted with water’

A mum was baffled when her son drank a small packet of milk and said it tasted like water.

Ms Ye, from Huizhou in southeast China, bought a carton of individually packed skimmed milk from the local Walmart store on Monday (May 31).

Her son drank a pack and complained of a weird taste to her.

Footage shared on Chinese social media shows the bemused mother squeezing the milk carton and a stream of "colourless milk" pouring out from the straw.

The packaging shows the German dairy brand MUH (Milch-Union Hocheifel Arla eG) at the front and an expiry date on top, stating "February 12, 2022".

Ms Ye said it was from a pack of 27 small cartons, she opened a few other but did not find anything odd, local media reports.

"I told my husband immediately and he had a few sips of it and asked 'what's that taste?'," she said.

"He squeezed the packet and the milk came out completely transparent, just like water."

She took the faulty product back to Walmart and filed a complaint.

A member of the staff emptied the drink into a plastic cup and found "milk residues" mixed with water.

"The milk is in a form of small, tiny cubes," Ms Ye added. "And it's separated from the water."

She was told that they had received similar complaints from other customers but disputed them as "normal circumstances".

The worker allegedly assured her that it is safe to drink and offered a refund to her.

Viewers were shocked and joked the "milk was skimmed" during the process.

One said: "They might have overdone it and skimmed the milk by mistake."

Another wrote: "That looks very scary!"

"Surely it's fat-free," a third joked. "But is it safe to drink?"

Daily Star has contacted Arla Foods for comment.

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