Mum shot dead by toddler in front of horrified colleagues during work Zoom call

A young Florida mum was accidentally shot dead by her toddler during a Zoom call with work colleagues.

Shamaya Lynn, 21, had been on the call with work colleagues when she suddenly fell backwards in her chair after attendees heard a loud bang on the call.

Colleagues on the Zoom call immediately phoned 911, but despite the best efforts of officers Lynn was pronounced dead at the scene in her home in Altamonte Springs.

Police responded to the call at around 11am on Wednesday morning following the horrific incident.

She was later found to have suffered a fatal gunshot wound to her head, which investigators found had been caused by a toddler who had found a loaded gun in the house.

The police also added that the loaded firearm had been ‘left unsecured’ by an adult in the house, which had allowed the young child to access the weapon.

Describing the incident, a spokesperson for Atlamonte Springs Police Department said:

“The person stated that during the work-related call they saw a toddler in the background and heard a noise, just before Ms. Lynn fell backward and never returned to the call.

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“Officers and paramedics did their best in rendering aid to Mrs. Lynn, but she was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

“Investigators determined that the injury was caused by a toddler who found a loaded handgun, which was left unsecured by an adult in the apartment.”

They added that an investigation is currently ongoing, with police currently determining whether any charges can and should be brought against the owner of the firearm.

At present no charges have been filed.

The firearm had been left loaded, and was deemed by police to not have been properly secured by the owner, which had allowed the toddler to get hold of it.

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