Mums toilet explodes leaving flat covered in raw sewage and forcing her out

A horrified mum was forced to move out of her flat after a toilet "explosion" left the residence covered in raw sewage.

Awen Hardy came home to find "every single room" in the flat covered in raw sewage on November 29.

To make matters worse, she also claims that the local council is still no closer to fixing the problem despite her having called them on no fewer than 32 occasions, NottinghamshireLive reports.

"The stuff that is ruined and the smell in there is absolutely unbelievable," said 31-year-old Awen.

"My brand new carpet is ruined, the kids' clothes and shoes are ruined and I'm not sure if the smell will ever come out of the sofa or wardrobe."

Ms Hardy first noticed a blockage in her toilet on Sunday, November 28 and reported it to the council.

She moved herself and her two boys, aged six and eight, to a friends' house, and returned to the flat to do some painting the following day.

But what she discovered made her stomach turn.

"As I walked into the flat it was just literally full of water," she said.

"It looked like the toilet had just exploded everywhere. Honestly the smell, it's like nothing I've ever smelt before put it that way.

"I very much feel like I'm being mugged off, really."

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She went on: "I had new carpets put down on the Friday before it happened but the fact they have left someone's home like that for nine days is just unbelievable."

Ms Harding said that there had been "no urgency" and "no apology" from the council.

She added that the repulsive episode has been particularly difficult for her youngest child, who has autism.

"My oldest son is also quite emotional about it, I've had Christmas presents that have been posted through the door that have now been ruined," she said.

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The family was offered temporary accommodation by the council in the meantime, but Ms Hardy said she refused it due to it being only one bedroom and she claims it is in a "known area for drug users".

Broxtowe Borough Council has apologised to Ms Harding, adding it was dealing with the case "as a matter of urgency".

A spokesperson said: "We have had a team at the property on a daily basis. This is a very complex and unusual case and to date, despite thorough investigation, we have not yet been able to resolve the situation.

"We are working with multiple contractors including Severn Trent Water to try and resolve the issue."

They went on: "We are extremely sorry that the family are going through this and we hope to resolve the issue as soon as we possibly can."

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