Mystery over 80 skeletons found with hands tied behind backs on building site

Calls for an inquest are growing after the gruesome discovery of eighty bodies, some with bound hands, during excavations ahead of work to build a care home.

Cllr Robin Stuchbury, for Buckingham West, in a question to Buckinghamshire Council, said that the bodies were found at West End Farm off Brackley Road, Buckingham.

The remains were found in early 2020 during work ahead of plans to convert the site into a 72-bed care home, and it is believed they have been at the site for centuries, BuckinghamshireLive reported.

Now, Cllr Stuchbury is calling for Buckinghamshire Council to prepare an interim report to "provide clarification of what took place and in what date period".

He said: "As you are aware a number of bodies were uncovered during excavations ahead of work at West End Farm, on Brackley Road in Buckingham for a planned care home.

"This included skeletons of 80 bodies with hands tied behind their backs.

"I would be grateful if the Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration could provide an interim report of the basic analysis of this major historic site to provide clarification of what took place and in what date period for local residents.

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"I understand that some of the investigations have been halted due to financial issues between the developer and Network Archaeology, which have been ongoing for some considerable time, and if this is the case what action can be taken by the Council to bring this to a quick resolution?"

Buckinghamshire Council will discuss the question at its Cabinet meeting on Monday, September 13.

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