NHS paramedic suspended over creepy remarks he compared to Benny Hill gags

A senior paramedic has tried to defend his “Benny Hill” style creepy remarks made to female trainees.

Richard Maxon said to one female, who was bending over: “While you're down there, love…”

And he also “rubbed his legs” in a “suggestive'” manner, while telling another trainee that “you must make your fella happy”.

Mr Maxon was working at the University of Portsmouth as a lecturer on the paramedic training course.

He told a Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service panel that his comments were meant in a “jokey way”, and compared them to comedian Benny Hill.

However, the panel ruled that his behaviour was “predatory and clearly sexually motivated”.

Maxon had been employed by the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust when, in 2019, he asked a class about each students' “marital/relationship status and sexual orientation”.

He was also described by one student as being “loud and obnoxious”, while another said he was an “aggressive and shouty person”.

Another testimony from a female student recalls the moment one female student had admitted that she was feeling unwell during a cardiovascular assessment.

The person said: “I volunteered to do the assessment on one of the other students – I was not feeling well on this day as I had a cold.

“I apologised for my cold to the person I was practising the assessment on and everyone laughed.

“Richard Maxon then turned to (the male colleague) and said, 'Is this going to ruin your image of her tonight?', and then rubbed his hands up and down his legs suggestively.

“I was very embarrassed and his comment made me feel dirty, it was extremely unprofessional. “(The male colleague) and I both blushed and Richard Maxon commented on how red we had both gone.”

Maxon denied the allegation, insisting it was said as a “joke”.

He has been suspended for six months.

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