Parents of 5-year-old Logan Mwangi put on performance in chilling 999 call

A frantic 999 call made by Logan Mwangi’s mother Angharad Williamson on the morning the five-year-old’s body was dumped in a river has been described by a prosecutor as “chilling”.

Laying out the prosecution case, Caroline Rees QC told Cardiff Crown Court that Williamson’s plea for police to find Logan was “all an act”.

Ms Rees told the judge it was part of an elaborate cover-up concocted by Williamson, her partner John Cole and a 14-year-old youth who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Ms Rees said: “It might sound like a heartfelt call of distress from a mother reporting her child missing.

"But with knowledge of the CCTV and the proof that Angharad Williamson knew exactly what was going on that night, the prosecution say that the 999 call is, in fact, chilling in that it demonstrates the extent to which Williamson was prepared to lie and her ability to put on a performance to save her own skin, even when dealing with the death of her own five-year-old child.”

Police body-worn camera footage shows officers first visiting the flat in Sarn, Bridgend, where Logan is believed to have been killed is to be shown in court, the jury was told.

Logan’s mother can be seen “wailing and shouting” while Cole is “playing the part of the concerned stepdad”, prosecutor Caroline Rees said.

She added that the sound of a tumble dryer and washing machine can be heard in the background, and asked: “Why on earth would the family be doing the laundry as a matter of such urgency in the circumstances?

“The prosecution suggest that this was to dispose of incriminating evidence and that one of the items laundered was part of Logan’s bed linen.”

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The jurors in the trial over the death of Logan Mwangi in Sarn, Bridgend, have been told they will be shown footage of the moment on July 31, 2021, when police discovered the five-year-old’s body in the River Ogmore.

The video taken from the body-worn camera of a South Wales Police officer shows her running down a muddy path until she reaches the boulders at the bank of the river.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said: “She saw there the body of a young child lying on his right side with his knees bent in an open foetal position. It was Logan.

“She climbed into the river and walked down to where he was and picked Logan up in her arms.

“She noted he had a head injury. His body was cold and stiff, his lips were blue and his eyes were wide open. There was no sign of life.”

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Logan had reportedly suffered a number of injuries before his death, including a torn liver, internal injury to the back of his head and a broken collarbone.

When his mother was taken in to see his body she made comments to a nurse about wishing she had taught him to swim.

Ms Rees said: “The prosecution say that this must have been with the intention of causing others to believe he had met his death by drowning, even though Angharad Williamson must have known this was untrue because she was up and about when his dead body was removed from the home.

“The prosecution say that this comment makes it clear that Williamson’s priority was hiding her true involvement in Logan’s death rather than telling anyone the truth about what happened.”

The nurse, who will give evidence later in the trial, said she was troubled by Williamson’s demeanour, and suspected she was “performing”.

The trial continues.

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