Peterborough police adding extra patrols in city’s west end amid coronavirus pandemic

Peterborough police are adding patrols in the city’s west end following complaints from residents and businesses about “unwanted activity.”

The Peterborough Police Service says it has have received several recent complaints from residents and business owners in Area 3, which includes the area of Brealey Drive, Lansdowne Street West, the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, St. Joseph’s at Fleming and Fleming College.

The complaints including unknown persons loitering, causing property damage, breaking into properties, leaving drug litter and vandalizing property, police said.

Last month the City of Peterborough opened an emergency shelter at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre that sees on average 50 people each night. Two shelters in the downtown were temporarily closed as they could not provide adequate physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Police have re-deployed school officers to the area along with special constables to provide “regular and proactive foot patrols” in Area 3 along with other areas of the city

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