Podcaster predicted evidence against Madeleine McCann suspect months ago

A true crime podcaster predicted that the authorities would find evidence from a plot of land in Seelze, Hanover, months before Christian Brueckner was named a prime suspect.

The German paedophile, 43, who was identified as the main suspect in August, used a plot in the German town at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance in 2007.

Police officers in Germany have been pictured removing blue bags of evidence from the site on Wednesday as part of their investigations into the missing child's case.

However, any evidence that was found in the dungeon has not been revealed – but police removed two skips full of concrete blocks and a child's bucket.

Now, it has emerged that podcast presenter Lauren Elizabeth Ash of True Crime and Cocktails actually predicted that the authorities would find some evidence in that exact location months before he was named a prime suspect.

Taking to TikTok, Lauren claimed: "We covered the Madeleine McCann case with an episode that aired on March 30th of this year. Now, in this episode, my co-host is with the most is Christie Oxburgh, who is an amazing researcher.

"She told me all about Christian B, who is a suspect that I had never heard about. So if you were to listen to that episode, there is some pretty stunning information given what we know now in October 2021.

"Take a listen to this. Actually, the first couple of things. First of all, trigger warning. If you're not into this kind of thing, scroll away now. Number two Christian Brueckner is his name. German authorities give suspects anonymity.

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"That's why they call them Christian B. He has done so many horrific things. He's currently in prison for assaulting a 72-year-old woman. They have found images of him with children, hundreds of images.

"So just keep all that in mind. He also has multiple locations. He was living in a camper van in the area that Madeleine McCann went missing at the time she went missing. His cell phone also pinged an hour before she went missing in the area of her hotel."

Lauren went on to claim that Brueckner has been left untouched since the child disappeared 13 years ago but has 17 previous child sex offences, lived off-grid at the site in Seelze, Hanover.

You can listen to the podcast episode here:

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She also claimed that prosecutors probing Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are “100% convinced” that they have their man – but according to her, the podcast had predicted that months ago.

She claimed: "It wasn't until mid-August of this year that they did search that house in Germany. What did they find? A dungeon, they literally found a dungeon.

"So they finally searched it in August, and now in October, they're saying they're 100 per cent sure says to me, there's probably some un-reviewable evidence that they found in that dungeon. And all I'm saying is we told you this in March."

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