Police hunt ‘man bun-wearing hipster’ repeatedly pooing in same front garden

A 'man bun-wearing hipster' who keeps pooing in the same front garden is being hunted by police.

The authorities in Alice Springs, in Australia's Northern Territory are on the case after CCTV cameras captured the suspect going to a property and defecating on the front lawn.

Police have been told by the resident in the suburb of Gillen told them it has happened every night for the last seven nights between midnight and 3am.

Southern Watch commander Adrian Kidney released a description of the man they are looking for.

He sports a man bun hairstyle, a full face beard, dark tracksuit pants and light coloured long sleeved jumper.

Imagine waking up every day for a week to find a fresh, human poo just sitting there on your lawn for everyone to see.

Southern Watch Commander Adrian Kidney has released a description of the man that they're looking for: dark complexion, sporting a manbun hairstyle, a full face beard, dark tracksuit pants and a light coloured long sleeved jumper.

Local media have dubbed the suspect "a rogue, hipster, man bun-wearing, front yard pooer".

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Commander Kidney said that while some people might find the behaviour funny, the police do not agree.

He said: "The behaviour is captured on CCTV and can only be described as despicable."

Australia has witnessed several mysterious pooing sprees over the last few years.

A jogger was spotted doing her business outside the office of a major PR firm in Sydney.

A video was shared on social media of the disgusting incident which appeared to show a blonde-haired woman running, stop to take down her pants before dirtying the pavement.

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