Political wannabe funding campaign with OnlyFans cash brands rival naughty boy

A political hopeful is using her OnlyFans funds to pursue a campaign for public office after she branded her "kinky" rival a "naughty boy".

Martha Bueno, who recently claimed she had posts removed from popular social media tool TikTok for being "too spicy," is running for public office.

Her candidacy, which is being funded through earnings on her OnlyFans account, is a hopeful campaign intending to expose the "dirty politics" of the Miami-Dade, United States, area.

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Bueno's campaign hopes to beat an opponent who so far has raised more than a million dollars in a race for public office that could prove rather pricey.

Speaking of her political opponent for the Miami-Dade's District-10 Commission seat, Anthony Rodriguez, Bueno took to calling her opponent a "naughty boy" and "kinky" because of his Republican allegiance.

In a video posted to her OnlyFans, the political hopeful and Libertarian candidate Bueno blasted her Republican opponent in some sexually suggestive ways.

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One video saw Bueno say: "I thought you were a Republican, that's so kinky, what a naughty boy you are."

Speaking of her push for public office and how she uses OnlyFans to do so, Bueno said: "I'm not that girl making $3million a month, so trust me, it's not a whole lot of money."

Instead, a loyal following of 50 subscribers paying £4 ($4.99) a month for three relatively tame videos are helping grab some attention for her campaign.

More importantly, it's grabbing attention away from Rodriguez's work, with Bueno saying that the whole point of her videos are to "show people how dirty politics really are."

Awkwardly Bueno and Rodriguez are neighbours, but he did not reply for comment when CBS News approached him to talk campaign tactics.

However, someone else from the neighbourhood, UFC star Jorge Masvidal, said that the marketing strategy Bueno was implementing was a fantastic idea.

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Masvidal said: "You told me OnlyFans and I was thinking the bathing suit half off."

The Republican-leaning former street fighter praised Bueno as her strategy was "pretty damn clever".

Of her success so far, Bueno said: "I don't know about the OnlyFans thing, but I do hope that I am a pioneer. I do hope that I'm finally stop paying attention to the letter behind our name, R or D, and what we've actually accomplished."

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