Politician crushed to death by falling tree after workers lose grip on rope

A politician in India has been killed out on the campaign trail after a tree fell on her.

Girija Jumari, 35, was a Congress candidate standing for in an upcoming local election in Karode Panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram district.

On Wednesday she and her husband were travelling through the local area on a "two-wheeler" motorbike.

They passed by a group of workers who were working on cutting down a tree, and as they did so the labourers lost control of the rope they were holding.

A significant portion of the tree fell on the motorbike, hitting Ms Kumari but narrowly missing her husband.

She was rushed to the local government hospital in Parasala but tragically her life could not be saved and she was pronounced dead.

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Former colleagues in the Congress have paid tribute to Ms Kumari, saying she was a hard-working leader who was involved in many developments in the area.

She is survived by her husband and their two daughters.

Local police have reportedly registered a criminal case against the workers who were cutting the tree that killed her.

Falling trees pose a danger to people in countries all around the world.

In July a council in Merseyside was ordered to pay £150,000 after a tree branch fell on a pregnant woman and killed her unborn baby.

Liz Stear was driving her children to school on Arrow Park Road, Wirral on the morning of November 10, 2016, when a branch suddenly fell on her Audi, crushing her stomach and trapping her in the car.

She was 36 weeks pregnant at the time. When emergency services arrived at the scene to cut her loose, she told them she was having abdominal pains and couldn't feel her baby moving.

Ms Stear was rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean section, but her baby daughter Lucia died the following morning.

Wirral Borough Council admitted it had failed to ensure the safety of trees under section three of the Health and Safety Act.

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