Prince Charles’ big plan for when he becomes King ‘ruined’ by Meghan and Harry

Prince Charles' plan to slim down the Royal Family when he becomes King was "ruined" by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Megxit, an expert told Daily Star.

The heir to the throne, 71, reportedly hoped to change-up the monarchy with his two sons at his side when his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth II, dies.

For years, Charles’ plan included Prince Harry, but when the Duke of Sussex wed Meghan, it took just over a year for these hopes to be dashed as the couple stepped back from their Royal duties.

The Duke of Cornwall’s plans were "ruined," Brittani Barger, deputy editor of Royal Central, claims, and Charles was forced to "rip up" any plan he had.

Ms Barger told Daily Star it is likely Prince Charles was "disappointed" with the couple at first and focused on the Sandringham agreement before his own ideas.

After the agreement, which allows Meghan and Harry a grace period before their decision becomes permanent, was finalised, the royal expert claims Charles would have started thinking about his old plans.

She said the delay in appointing anyone to Meghan and Harry’s duties had to do with Charles and his big ideas and added that it wouldn’t have been "appropriate" to make such changes as the world struggled with the pandemic.

Ms Barger said: "Price Charles loves his son and he was always going to be a part of a bigger plan for the Royal Family. It is likely he was frustrated and disappointed with Meghan and Harry as his initial idea was ruined.

"I don’t think Megxit would stop the plan entirely though, slimming down the monarchy is something Charles has been thinking about for a long time.

"Instead, I think Charles held off with any rash decisions. It wouldn’t have been appropriate until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' Sandrigham agreement was made."

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A hint as to what the future King may have decided however, was given at the end of Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal tour last Christmas.

The royal expert said: "A hint about what Charles might decide to do when the world gets back to normal may be found in pictures of Kate and William’s Christmas tour.

"As it came to an end, Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward were present during the event at Windsor Castle. The Queen is fond of Sophie and Charles may include Wessexes in any future plan."

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