Prince Harry has sacrificed a lot for his new life, says royal expert

Prince Harry may be happy now, says royal commentator Robert Jobson, but he has “has had to sacrifice a lot” for his shiny new life in California.

“And, adds Jobson, “like the Duke of Windsor, who gave up his throne for love, as he gets older that shine may begin to dull”.

The Duke of Sussex’s military roles, in particular the title of Captain General of the Royal Marines, were hugely important to him, but they were all removed in February as part of his “stepping back” from life as a frontline royal.

At the time, Buckingham Palace explained that Harry and Meghan’s new life made it "not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service."

Describing the Sussexes’ Oprah Winfrey interview as a “distasteful PR stunt,” Jobson says that going public with their allegations of racism within the Royal Family has “rebounded” on them in the UK, and now even in the US.

But it’s the damage that he’s done to his relationships with the rest of the Royal Family that represents the biggest loss, says Jobson.

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“His relationship with his father, Prince Charles, who he always got on very well with – perhaps even better than William did – is now at an all-time low,” the royal expert believes.

Writing in The Mirror, Jobson says Harry “doesn’t speak” to his brother, who is still “irritated over the royal racism claims,” despite some royal sources claiming they had buried the hatchet.

He points out the “palpable” tension when they met at Prince Philip’s funeral in April, which hardly seemed to have improved by the time they unveiled a statue honouring their mother, Princess Diana, in July.

Most disturbingly, Jobson adds, while Harry claims to be on good terms with his 95-year-old grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen, “that closeness hasn’t stopped her lawyering-up ahead of his tell-all book, putting his publishers on notice that the Royal Family won’t tolerate another onslaught based on more varying recollections of the truth”.

“I am sure [Harry’s] pledge to follow his mother’s unfinished work remains important,” writes Jobson. “Only time will tell if his new life is his destiny”.

It's been a year like no other for the Queen from the loss of her husband to heartache over Prince Harry. But Her Majesty has also had a lot of cause for celebration, including the birth of baby Lilibet.

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