Prince Harry lookalike reveals what its like to party with royal doppelgängers

A Prince Harry lookalike who was once crowned the best doppelgänger in Europe has described his bizarre career as the Dupe of Sussex.

Rhys Whittock, 38, was inspired to become a professional Prince Harry impersonator after dozens of mates and even strangers told him he bore an uncanny resemblance to the exiled prince.

On one occasion someone even heckled him through a megaphone at theme park Thorpe Park.

But after putting feelers out and failing to find paid work, Rhys thought his dream of turning his appearance into a full-time job was dead.

Then when Harry and Meghan got engaged in November 2017, demand for lookalikes went into overdrive.

Rhys told MyLondon: “Honestly, I would not be a lookalike without her help getting engaged to Harry.

“I was watching their engagement on the news in 2017, and thinking, this is huge actually.

“And then the very next day, just by chance I checked an old email account that I don’t check too often.

“One of the agencies had sent me an email, having seen there was going to be huge demand for him – and there was a shortage of Harrys.

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“So they sent me an email and said: ‘Hi Rhys, don’t suppose you still look anything like Harry do you?’”

"It changed my life."

And now the convincing doppelgänger has a new business partner – an uncanny Meghan Markle lookalike, Sarah Mhlanga, from Manchester.

Rhys first met a Meghan when he won an easyJet contest searching for the best Royal Family lookalikes in Europe.

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And with Sarah, he now has a handy partner in crime.

Understandably the work gets quieter and busier depending on how much Harry is in the news, with Rhys even working two gigs a day in the run-up to big events like the Royal Wedding.

The lookalike explained: “On a Thursday night I was in Brighton at a meet and greet event at the Grand Hotel, I got home at 1am and then a car picked me up to take me to a Loose Women interview first thing.

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“I quite often work with [lookalikes of] William and Kate and Charles and the Queen.

“We’re kind of like one big family.”

They even flew business class to China for a billionaire's 75th birthday, where the family rubbed shoulders with Elton John and Adele tribute acts.

And there was the time Rhys wore Union Jack speedos on a royals-themed party boat.

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Rhys hasn't actually met Prince Harry, but said he'd like to one day.

He said lookalikes are advised not to track down the real royals as it can be bad publicity.

Harry's double said: “I’m sure I could have met Harry simply by standing in the crowd because they announce where they’re going to be for events.

"But I was kind of advised not to do that.

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“But I would definitely like to meet him.

“I’m sure they have a WhatsApp group where they share the crazy things we get up to. I hope they find them all amusing.

“I’m one year older than Harry, which is good. So we should age roughly the same."

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