Prince Harrys memoir threatens to rock the Royal Family, expert says

Fears continue that a book penned by Prince Harry could contain "a huge amount of hurt" for the Royals that he left to go to the US with Meghan Markle.

Royal Correspondent Peter Hunt reckons that the book will address the Duke of Sussex's upset over how his departure was handled in what became known as Megxit.

He told LBC radio that the prince will be "wholly truthful" in his accounts and that very truth could pose long-term problems for his relations.

Mr Hunt said: “I think there is no way it will because he promised for it [his memoir] to be a truthful account."

Earlier this year Prince Harry announced that he had been penning a memoir which will be a "definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that have helped shape him".

The book will hit shelves next year, but it's unknown whether it will be released before or after the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June.

Royal insiders said the book's announcement caused a "tsunami of fear" among courtiers and family members.

Richard Kay, Daily Mail's editor-at-large, claims Prince Charles is concerned about the book being published so close to him taking the throne.

Mr Kay said: ”I think the difficulty for Prince Charles, every time now Harry opens his mouth, he's seen to chip away at his father's credibility… this must be undermining their relationship.

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"They have on the horizon the prospect of Harry's autobiography or memoir – we don't know what's going to be in it.

"But we do know he has spent some time digging into his mother's relationship with his father.

''They must be dreading the publication of that book and what it will mean."

He continued: "We're edging closer to the Prince of Wales becoming monarch and every time these embarrassing situations erupt with his son, it reminds people about why they have had problems with the prospect of Charles as King.”

The book is also expected to detail the impact of his mum Princess Diana's death when he was so young.

Mr Kay argued this is another topic Prince Charles would prefer to avoid so close to his coronation.

Mr Kay added: "He's done his level best over the last 15, 20 years to try and rededicate himself to his future subjects but there are obviously difficulties.

"People still haven't forgiven or forgotten the Diana years, and Harry's constant reminder about the past makes this a really tricky transition period for Charles."

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