Puppy left partially blind after being abused to within an inch of his life

An adorable puppy is looking for a new home after being abused to "within an inch of his life".

Leo suffered from a broken front paw, two broken hips and partial blindness from the horrific abuse he suffered.

But despite the horrible start to life the nine-month-old has had, rescue staff say that he appears to be "mostly unaffected" by the ordeal, the Mirror reports.

Leo still requires further surgery as a result of his mistreatment, while staff at Friends of Animals Wales are now searching for a forever home for adorable Leo.

Due to Leo's partial blindness, he requires a home that has no other pets, except perhaps a calm dog, as well as young children as he may knock them over by mistake.

A spokesperson for charity Friends of Animals Wales said: “Leo has suffered a lot of broken bones. Both of his hips have now been mended and he is healing very well.

“Leo loves people and is excited to meet everyone. He doesn’t jump up but greets with great excitement. He adores being touched and fussed.

"He has a cheeky little character and is super smart. He has had a very sad start in life but seems mostly unaffected by it all. He truly lives for now and is a very happy little soul.”

Leo has also been receiving hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to help him get back on his paws.

The rescue centre in Wales said that although walks with Leo "tend not to be in a straight line", he is still nicely behaved and a "super smart boy" who deserves a "very special home".

However, Leo is not fond of travelling, pacing and panting a lot, but is reportedly "fantastic" during visits to the vets, though unfortunately because he has become accustomed to them.

But for anyone looking to give the dog a home, the centre is confident that this super smart boy will soon find the loving forever home he deserves.

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