Putin gambling on feeble European politician to hold UK and EU hostage with gas pipeline

UK caught in geo-political power ploy by Kremlin says expert

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Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Mr Seely said: “Putin is playing a very cynical game.

“We are in this country-we are collateral damage in a massive political or geopolitical power ploy by the Kremlin.

“The Kremlin is trying to push Nord Stream through this new pipeline-is trying to get EU clearance despite opposition from Poland and the Baltic Republics as part of a series of significant interconnected defectively forms of hybrid war and Putin is gambling on the weakness and the feebleness of Europe’s politicians to agree it to avoid short term pain.


Host Katie Razzall then asked: “But why are we in the UK so reliant on energy supply that comes from Russia?”

The MP said: “I don’t think we are. We are collateral damage.  Germany relies between 30 and 50% on Russian energy and they are addicted to Russian energy.

“My understanding is we get some of our energy from that same pool.”

He added: “So if there is pressure in Germany because Russia is not supplying the energy requirements that Europe needs, we are a knock-on effect.

Russia is the biggest supplier of gas into the EU.

The continent was already dependent upon Moscow for 43 percent of its gas imports last year.

Angela Merkel supported the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, which would provide cheap fuel to Germany.

However, Russia is now accused of sitting on gas exports to Europe in order to pressure the German regulator to sign off on Nord Stream 2 faster.

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