Putin warned resistance actively seeking to kill Kremlin elites

Darya Dugina: Russian TV host blames UK intelligence for death

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Vladimir Putin has been warned that the Russian anti-war resistance is “actively seeking” to kill more Kremlin elites, as it steps up its campaign to effect regime change. The Kremlin was rocked when Darya Dugina was killed after a bomb tore through the Toyota Land Cruiser she was driving on August 20 of last year. The 29-year-old was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a far-right political philosopher, whose views on Ukraine and support for Vladimir Putin she shared.

Mr Dugin has claimed he is the main ideologist behind Russia’s war in Ukraine and that he persuaded Putin to go ahead with the invasion.

A previously unheard organisation called the National Republican Army (NRA) claimed responsibility for the political assassination.

The movement is made up of Russian partisans who are working towards the violent overthrow of Putin’s regime.

The NRA have appointed a former Russian MP and Putin opponent, Ilya Ponomarev, as their political representative and spokesperson to help explain their agenda to international leaders.

Since the Dugina assassination, the partisans have notably not attempted any further attacks on Kremlin elites.

Asked by the Express.co.uk whether the group was trying to assassinate more of Putin’s inner circle, he said: “That’s what we are actively seeking to do, definitely.

“However, there are certain restrictions in terms of the physical security.

“It’s just harder to attack the acting ministers of Putin’s government – they are better protected.

“And for people who are novices in this thing, who are very grassroots – obviously it’s harder to approach them (elites). But it was the beginning.”

He added: “The assassination was met with a lot of criticism – that’s why there were no more new attacks.

“At the end of the day, the motivated people need to see a certain appreciation of what they have done.

“But still according to my communications with them, I think they will continue.

“They are just trying this time to approach the target which would create no controversy.”

The US condemned the killing of citizens in the immediate aftermath of Ms Dugina’s death.

The White House said it was principally against the targeting of civilians, whether in Kyiv or in Moscow.

The statement was seen as an implied criticism of the assassination of the former journalist.

Mr Ponomarev, who has has helped to create the Congress of People’s Deputies – a transitional parliament consisting of 59 Russian politicians opposed to the Putin regime – insisted that the real target of the assassination had been Ms Dugina’s father.

He said that future targets would be chosen according to the role they have played in facilitating and supporting the war.

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The former Russian MP explained: “The main principle is to attack people who are responsible for the war.

“It doesn’t matter whether they wear uniform or not but they need to have a direct connection to the war.

“They need to be responsible for the organisation, they need to be responsible for oppression within the country.

“Or they need to be involved in financing the war or any way else supporting this war.”

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