Putins horrifying war tactics laid bare as Russian soldiers turn toys into bombs

Joe Biden calls Putin a 'butcher' after visiting Ukrainian refugees

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Additionally, booby-trapped documents have allegedly been distributed by Russian forces. Throughout its month-long war, Russia has targeted civilians in an attempt to break the will of Ukrainians to resist. Numerous cities have endured brutal and indiscriminate bombardments, leading to horrific civilian casualties.

Now the Kremlin’s generals seem to have come up with a new tactic to maim and kill even more innocent people.

A Ukrainian film photographer posted a photo of a document that appears to have an explosive charge attached to it.

Yana Morozova wrote: “Russians have started scattering documents with explosives.

“There’s also been reports they’ve been doing this with toys too.”

Some social media users noted the “toys” could be butterfly mines that are often coloured to look like toys.

In a warning posted to Twitter in February, a Ukrainian soldier with the handle @mastroyanudism said: “Mini-butterflies. They are dropped from planes, cut into the ground, detonated in parallel, explode after touching (not fatal, but part of the limb can be torn off).

“There are different colours. Distribute and show to children.

“Children can often perceive toys because of the colour.”

Putin’s brutal tactics have perhaps been best demonstrated by the siege of Mariupol.

Earlier in March, Russian planes bombed a theatre in the port city, where between 1,000 and 2,000 residents were sheltering.

Satellite photos from March 14 and released by US company Maxar show the word “Children” written in white paint next to the building.

The word is clearly visible to the naked eye from the air.

Despite this, the building was targeted, with the present death toll estimated at around 300 people.

The city has been reduced to rubble and local authorities estimate at least 2,400 residents have lost their lives.

It comes as a Ukrainian official promised an “immediate investigation” on Sunday into claims Russian prisoners of war were being mistreated by their captors.

Graphic videos on social media allegedly showed Russian soldiers being shot in the legs by Ukrainian forces.

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Senior presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said: “The government is taking this very seriously, and there will be an immediate investigation.

“We are a European army, and we do not mock our prisoners. If this turns out to be real, this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour.”

Ukraine’s head of the armed forces has dismissed the videos as Russian-staged propaganda.

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi said: “In order to discredit the Ukrainian defence forces, the enemy is filming and distributing staged videos with inhumane attitude of ‘Ukrainian military’ towards Russian prisoners.

“I urge you to take into account the realities of the information and psychological war and trust only official sources.”

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