Queen sells rare Iron Age coins for £4m – but hoard is valued much higher

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The Queen has sold the world’s largest hoard of Iron Age coins to Jersey for £4million.

The Le Catillon II hoard was found on the island nine years ago by two amateur metal detectorists, who had spent decades combing a single field.

Jersey Chief Minister John Le Fondre said the deal “will ensure this unique part of Jersey’s history remains in the island for this and future generations.

“Since its discovery nine years ago, Jersey Heritage conservators, archaeologists and volunteers have unpicked and studied the hoard, but there is still much that it can reveal about Jersey and our place in the world at the time of Christ.”

Reg Mead and Richard Miles found the 69,347 Roman and Celtic coins after a tip-off in the 1980s.

A woman told them she had seen something that looked like silver buttons in the field on the eastern side of
the Channel island.

The 2000-year-old hoard discovered buried in a mound of clay under a hedge, became the property of the Crown – though Reg and Richard did receive a reward.

Although the treasure had an estimated worth of £10m, the Queen sold the coins for £4.25m.

The island used money retrieved from criminal activity to pay for the treasure.

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The news comes after experts claimed the Queen’s Christmas speech included a hidden message inspired by Prince Philip’s sense of duty.

Robert Lacey – author of A Brief Life of the Queen – argues that Her Majesty’s vibrant red dress made the statement that she would be carrying on with all the “sense of service, intellectual curiosity and capacity to squeeze the fun out of any situation”, with which the Duke of Edinburgh inspired her.

The biographer – writing for the Daily Mail – added that this year the monarch revealed herself to us more than ever and that she was looking “very good”, in not “just another Christmas broadcast”.

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