Raging woman sentenced for firing 1,000 messages at Tinder bloke who dumped her

A woman dumped by a lad she dated from Tinder fired 1,000 angry texts at him strewn with abuse.

The pair are believed to have spent some intimate time together but afterwards, he seemingly lost interest in the relationship leading to her sending a barrage of messages.

After the man took the matter to the police, jilted Karen Butterworth, 40, is understood to have told the man to withdraw the complaint or she’d claim he abused her.

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According to the New Zealand Herald, lawyer Sam Galler, told the Manukau District Court in South Auckland, NZ, that Karen was left feeling used and hurt.

However, these feelings were not a justification for the abuse Ms Butterworth fired off at the man including calling him a “fatty”, Galler said at the sentencing on Monday (March 20) afternoon.

The complainant explained he no longer wished to be friends with her and, despite having received a number of messages beforehand, she became abusive after this point.

The pair, who had reconnected on Tinder after initially knowing each other through work, had dated in 2020 however the court summary said he was inconsistent about what he wanted.

After he blocked her number, she is understood to have tried to contact him on his work phone and voicemail.

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Police would later tell Ms Butterworth to stop, but as the months passed 1,000 more messages were sent.

Among them were threats that she’d ruin his life, reputation and career.

She would later make a post on Instagram where she said he had threatened her and tried to kill her.

In the post, he tagged his private and work accounts.

She also showed unkind messages he had sent, but her actions were “out of all proportion”, Judge Sharyn Otene said, refusing discharge without conviction.

The judge added that her actions threatened to undermine genuine victims of violence.

She said: “Even in the face of police warning she did not desist.”

The judge continued: “It had the potential to undermine actual victims of those crimes, and to undermine wider public interest in ensuring actual perpetrators are held accountable”.

Butterworth was handed a six-month good behaviour order, meaning further offences would see her brought back in for sentencing.

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