‘Real life Dexter’ serial killer murdered up to 100, many of them criminals

A 'real-life Dexter' serial killer up to 100 people, many of them criminals themselves.

In the hit TV show Dexter Morgan forensic blood spatter analyst takes matters into his own hands by killing known murderers and criminals.

There are some similarities in the story of Brazilian murderer Pedro Rodrigues Filho has spent much of his life in jail in his native Brazil.

His official kill count stands at 71, although the man himself claims the actual number is nearer three figures.

The 66-year-old was born with an injured skull because his dad savagely beat his mum while she was pregnant.

Filho first felt the urge to kill when he was just 13 when he nearly killed his cousin. Just a year later he murdered for the first time.

The serial killer murdered the vice-mayor of Alfenas, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, because he sacked his dad on unsubstantiated claims he was stealing food from the school kitchen, before killing a security guard suspected of being the actual thief.

That started a long life of killing. He moved to Mogi das Cruzes in São Paulo where he began robbing drug dens and killing drug traffickers.

When the woman he was in love with, Maria Aparecida Olympia, was murdered by a rival gang leader, Filho took it upon himself to exact revenge.

The killer, nicknamed Killer Petey or Pedrinho Matador, went on a rampage, torturing people to find out who had killed his lover. After discovering the culprit, Filho and some friends went on a massacre at a wedding that killed seven and left 16 wounded.

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He was arrested for the first time on May 24, 1973, when he was still just 18 and has spent most of his adult life behind bars, where he has claimed a lot of his victims.

Filho reserved the most brutal murder for his own father. He executed him in a city prison with a machete, apparently cutting his heart out, chewed a piece of it and spat it out.

He was sentenced to 126 years in prison, however Brazilian law prevents any criminal from serving more than 30 years inside. He was made a slight exception and was released in 2007 after 34 years behind bars.

The serial killer was recaptured in 2011 on a variety of charges, including rioting and deprivation of liberty.

He was sentenced to a further eight years in jail before regaining his freedom again in 2018.

Filho has since become something of a celebrity in Brazil, and has a YouTube channel where he discusses his crimes.

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