Red Sauces With the Carbone Touch

Major Food Group has introduced three jarred pasta sauces. They’re straightforward renditions of marinara, chunky tomato-basil and spicy arrabbiata, worth keeping in the pantry for an easy dinner. As for preparing Carbone restaurant’s famous spicy rigatoni vodka, some day the sauce line might include it, but not at this time. The jarred sauces offer fine canvases for your own additions like ground meat or diced eggplant, to use on pizza, over meatballs or in lasagna. Take a stab at a version of their vodka sauce with the arrabbiata by adding onions slowly sautéed in butter, some vodka, heavy cream, more chiles, if you like, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano:

Carbone sauces, $39.96 for four 24-ounce jars,

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