Reddit users go wild over penis-shaped river with veins on Google Maps

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Reddit users have lost their minds over an "unfortunately shaped" river in Finland that is shaped like a giant penis, visible on Google Maps.

The phallic river is just south of the lakeside city of Tampere in southern Finland, according to coordinates shared underneath the post.

"This unfortunately shaped mass of water near Tampere, Finland," wrote the original poster alongside a grab of the Google Maps image for the lake.

"I mean this one has veins and all," the poster said to someone who mentioned another penis-shaped lake.

The source lake is called Ahtialanjärvi and it begins in a regular round shape on the banks of Lempäälä, a municipality in the Pirkanmaa region of Finland.

It then flows north and creates the penis shape that raised eyebrows online, eventually connecting via a short river to the Toutonen lake in the west.

A series of suburban communities appear to live along the shaft-like area of the penis, while the tip appears to be made up of forest.

"The strongest of rivers," wrote one person in response, while another added: "I bet it was intended."

The news follows long-time residents of Norfolk Road in Barnsley, South Yorkshire discovering that their road looks like male genitalia after seeing satellite images of it on Google Earth.

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The owner of a local pub – the Sandhill Tavern – said they were not even aware that the bird's-eye view of the area looked like their premises were being "urinated on".

But they tried to play down the row and said it wasn't a big topic of conversation as it "wasn't that kind of village".

He said: "I've never heard anybody mention it – and it looks like a penis from above? Wow! I've not really noticed. We've never had anybody mention it to us in the pub.

"I don't think anyone has looked on Google Maps. It's a weird situation! I've never given it any thought as I didn't know. I think everyone would be more or less in the same boat and wouldn't have noticed.

"It's not really that kind of village though. They're not really interested in stuff like that."

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