Riverbank tryst: Hawke’s Bay man guilty after footage of him with two women put online without consent

A consensual sexual encounter involving two women and a Hawke’s Bay man at a local river, has resulted in charges after the women discovered footage of the rendezvous had been uploaded to several pornographic websites without their knowledge or consent.

Stuffreports the man in his 40s, appeared in the Hastings District Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of making an intimate visual recording and one charge of publishing an intimate visual recording, in relation to the video.

The man, who has name suppression until sentencing next month, reportedly contacted one of the victims – in her early 20s – on the dating app Tinder in early 2017.

After communicating for some time she agreed to join the man in a sexual liaison with another woman, the trio driving to a rural setting near a Hawke’s Bay riverbank.

The trio engaged in consensual sexual activity along the riverbank after going for a nude swim, Stuff reported.

However, unbeknownst to the women, the man had set up two recording devices and filmed the encounter.

In May last year, the one woman became aware that recordings of the liaison had been published on Pornhub and other pornographic websites, Stuff reported.

She contacted the other woman and the two then asked the various websites to take the footage down, which led to the videos being removed as well as the man’s accounts.

He then created his own website where he uploaded the footage.

While he initially told police the told police the recordings were consensual, he later accepted they were not and had been published without consent.

He is due to reappear before Judge Bridget Mackintosh for sentencing next month.

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