Road rage killer Kenneth Noye was ‘King Kenny’ in jail and was f***ing strong

Road rage murderer Kenneth Noye was dubbed ‘King Kenny’ in prison where he served his time playing tennis and reading the paper, according to a former wingmate who spent almost two years in the double killer’s company.

Noye, 74, was released in 2019 after serving 21 years for stabbing Stephen Cameron to death on the M25.

And reformed drug dealer Richard Jones, 51, has now given an insight into what Noye was like behind bars.

He stayed in the same wing as him at Lowdham Grange Prison in Nottingham between 2012 and 2014.

And Jones revealed: “Kenny did what Kenny wanted.

“We called him King Kenny and he was fine. He treated everyone with courtesy and respect and in return we did the same thing to him.”

Jones spoke about Noye on his The Lost Soldier TikTok page after a follower asked if the pair had met.

And Jones, who spent seven years in the army, added: “Despite what Kenny did and what Kenny was in for, I can only give perspective of how he was on the wing.

“Kenny was very quiet. He did a lot of gym. We did train together a couple of times and he’s f***ing strong. Even back then he was about 65. He was in good shape.

“He played a lot of badminton and a lot of tennis, soft tennis inside the gym, and he was very good at it.”

Richard continued: “Kenny would sit most of the time in the yard when it was nice weather. He would sit down in a chair with a set of headphones reading a book or the paper and he just did his time.

“He’s out now, he’s done his time. Some people won’t agree with that but from my perspective he was sound as f*** and we got on all right. That’s my experience with Kenny.”

Noye was controversially released from jail last year.

In January 1985 he fatally stabbed undercover police officer John Fordham, who had been investigating the Brink’s Mat robbery.

He was cleared of murder and was said to have acted in self-defence.

However he was caged for 14 years for conspiring to handle some of the stolen Brink's Mat gold and evading VAT payments.

After the verdict he shouted "I hope you all die of cancer" to the jury before he was released in 1994.

But just two years later, in May 1996, Noye struck again.

He ruthlessly killed Stephen Cameron, 21, on the M25 in Swanley, Kent, in front of his distraught fiancée Danielle Camble, who was just 17 at the time.

Noye went on the run afterwards before being arrested in Spain in August 1998.

He was eventually sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 16 years for the murder.

The Parole Board announced he was free to walk in May 2019 before he was released one month later.

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