Roman god Neptune appears in waves during a powerful storm in Newhaven

A photographer appeared to capture the iconic Roman god Neptune as waves crashed during a storm.

Jeff Overs, the photographer, took the picture of what appeared to be the Roman god of water as waves crashed over the harbour wall during the storm.

The sighting seems to have been an example of pareidolia – when an image is seen in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Mr Overs said he took the photo at around 9am when there was a high tide and winds of more than 50mph (80km/h).

"It's become a popular location for photographers because the sea 'boils' in high wind against the sea wall.

Some reactions on social media begged to differ about whos face was seen in the waves, some claimed it looked more like Poseidon, others believed it was former President, Donald Trump.

One Twitter user joked that the wave looked angry and was worried that it could cause problems for this evening's historic Euros final between England and Italy.

Many comments on Facebook thought it was a good sign, seeing the sighting of the God as a blessing that England will win Euro 2020.

It seems people are torn as to what the sighting means, but one commenter said: "It's a sign that it is Going Rome!"

Let's hope that isn't the case, and it is just a wave, we will soon find out.

"The waves splash into the high wind and when blown back occasionally make patterns that look like (pareidolic) ghoulish faces."

He said the small wave in the foreground resembles a hand.

He added: "It's a straight shot and I haven't manipulated the image at all,"

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