Royal expert accuses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of leaving people broken

The relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the Royal Family is still as strained as ever, with both sides reporting “very little progress” in the bid to repair the rift, according to royal author Omid Scobie.

Mr Scobie is currently promoting a revised and expanded edition of Finding Freedom, the book about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex he wrote with fellow royal expert Carolyn Durand.

Appearing on Good Morning America he said there was a desire on both sides to see “accountability and ownership” to be taken for the split.

He said: “When we speak to sources close to the couple and also sources close to the Royal Family, there is this feeling that very little progress is being made.”

He suggested that there was fault on both sides, with the Sussexes having been accused of leaving behind “a lot of broken people” and, in particular, “young women” who had been affected by the Duke and Duchess’s behaviour.

He also referred to leaks from the Palace that the Duchess of Cornwall had been angry about the way that Prince Charles's feelings had been hurt by what Meghan and Harry had said.

He said that these accusations were, at least to him, clearly "some sort of revenge from the institution that we saw pulled into action just before the Oprah interview came out".

He likened the anti-Meghan and Harry stories to an "Opposition Research Dump", a well-documented tactic in American politics where a flood of negative stories about an opponent are used to distract voters.

"One of the sources that we spoke to in the book said it was the classic "Oppo Dump" which you see before a presidential election", he said.

He added the prince, 37, and his former actress wife had taken part in the bombshell Oprah Winfrey TV special because they had been "desperate to get their story out there".

He added that while there had been “little progress” so far in repairing the rift, the situation was less raw because time is a great healer.

“Some feelings have subsided because time has done its things,” he said, “so the door is very much open for those conversations to happen at some point.”

But, Mr Scobie said, that there was no chance that Harry and Meghan would just fade away into obscurity and that their Archewell Foundation was central to the way they wanted to be seen in the future.

“It's not that they want to disappear or not be seen. It's simply that they want to choose what they keep private and what they share with the world… the Archewell legacy they're building – this is the couple showing the world exactly what is important to them".

The Daily Star has approached Harry and Meghan's representative and Buckingham Palace for comment.

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