Russia Shock: Moscow to issue ‘free’ visas to people unable to visit amid COVID-19

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So anyone who missed out because of lockdown is set to receive another visa free of charge. This is according to Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivaonov who spoke about the matter in an interview with the Kommersant daily. He noted that in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic many had to change their working and private plans and cancel international trips.”Under Russia’s current law, an unused entry visa cannot be extended,” he said.

“It would be wrong to ignore this problem but it is important to understand legislation provisions under which it can be tackled since a visa is documented with a limited period of validity.”

“The Russian foreign ministry thinks it possible to offer foreign citizens who had single-or double-entry visas with a validity term starting from mid-March and who had to cancel their trips to Russia to obtain similar visas within six months after Russia lifts the entry ban free of charge,” Mr Yevgeny said.

Currently the situation in Russia seems to be looking positive according to the Kremlin.

Their COVID-19 pandemic is receding and with that so is the number of tasks for the volunteers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday during a video call with participants of the Russian nationwide campaign ‘We are together.’

“Thank God, the epidemic is receding now. Therefore, the number of tasks for the volunteers gradually goes down.”

“You did a good job,” the president said, addressing the members of the campaign.


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President Putin was keen to point out this was down to the volunteers and that it was only good news.

“It is summer outdoors and, as we can see, we can take a rest with a feeling of fulfilled duty but, as far as I know, the headquarters of the ‘We are together’ campaign is not being dismissed.”

“I understand you very well since when you have a close-knit team of like-minded people and the experience of working in difficult conditions, you want to take on new tasks and to, again and again, experience the true joy of helping others,” Putin said.

In terms of travel restrictions being implemented on other countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK is expected to announce air bridges today with fellow European nations in order to boost its tourism industry.


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The United Kingdom will introduce a traffic light system, with countries grouped together based on their coronavirus infection rates.

It is a move that could throw a lifeline to Europe’s tourism industry.

EU diplomats are also considering lifting some pan-European travel bans.

Most European countries such as Austria, Belgium and Italy opened up their borders in June.

This has mainly been open to countries inside the Eurozone, however many have still insisted this should purely be for essential travel.

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