Russia shoots itself in foot as Putins soldiers lose military base tour video to Ukraine

Ukraine: Footage appears to show Russian base in Mykolaiv region

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The Kremlin is under pressure from a new crisis after a Russian surveillance drone containing critical information was reportedly captured by Ukrainian forces. The drone had been operated by Russian troops to conduct a tour of their military base in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine. Now under the control of Ukrainian operatives, the footage stored on a memory card has offered defending forces fresh intelligence on the organisation of Moscow’s forces, making Russia’s army desperately vulnerable to well-informed strategic counterattacks.

An extract of the captured drone footage has been released on social media by news outlet ТРУХА.

The clip shows the drone flying across areas of an apparent Russian military base consisting of a collection of military vehicles and several buildings that look like warehouses.

The military equipment is easily identifiable as belonging to Moscow’s army by the bold white “Z” symbol clearly painted across the side.

The “Z” has emerged as the Russian symbol of support for the Kremlin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The surveillance drone was fitted with a sophisticated camera that provides good quality imagery and is controlled remotely by troops on the ground.

The Russian soldiers operating the drone are believed to have been familiarising themselves with the equipment as the drones are typically used to monitor enemy areas and scout potential military targets from above.

Over the last week, the Mykolaiv region, where the footage was captured, has come under increasing attack from Russian forces as Moscow attempts to advance control in the south of Ukraine.

Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksiy Senkevych confirmed the city was struck by a wave of shelling on Thursday night, resulting in at least one confirmed death and several injuries.

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As Russia has lost another piece of advanced military equipment, the Kremlin is understood to be growing heavily reliant on outdated pieces of poorly maintained Soviet equipment.

By comparison, Ukraine has been bolstered by military aid from NATO-aligned countries across the globe, including the provision of drones from the UK.

The Ministry of Defence has provided Ukraine with Malloy T150 drones, a model of aerial equipment that can be controlled remotely and is used for transporting essential medical and ammunition supplies to troops.

The Government has also outlined plans to supply “hundreds of drones” to the Ukrainian defence in the coming weeks to support logistic operations as well as attack models to facilitate loitering aerial munitions strategy.

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Since the conflict began, Russia is understood to have suffered the loss of at least 5,229 pieces of military equipment, as confirmed through photo and videographic evidence.

Included in this data is Moscow’s loss of 110 unmanned aerial units, with 51 of those understood to have been captured rather than totally destroyed.

Ukrainian special forces claimed responsibility for an explosion at a Russian military airfield in Dzhankoi, Crimea, which occurred on Tuesday.

The attack is thought to have further constricted Russia’s military arsenal as Ukraine continues to target Kremlin ammunition depots to wipe out enemy weapons.

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