Russian guards demand jobs back after protesting illegal order to fight war

Russian servicemen in a force headed by Vladimir Putin are to go to court to challenge an “illegal” order for them to fight in Ukraine.

Twenty five Russian national guards are heading to court to demand their jobs back after they were fired for defying orders to relocate and fight in Ukraine.

The "refuseniks", a force headed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, are looking to challenge the "illegal" order.

The latest case in Russia highlights open dissent in the country over the war even among those already in uniform.

Vladikavkaz garrison military court will begin to consider their lawsuit tomorrow, according to lawyer and human rights campaigner Pavel Chikov.

The servicemen will be challenging Putin's commander Lt-Gen Sergey Zakharov of the North Caucasian District of the National Guard Troops.

Since Putin's invasion of Ukraine hundreds of guards have sought legal advice and will be hoping to follow the 25 national guards in launching their own legal cases.

It is believed that the true number of "refuseniks" are in much higher numbers with some estimates stating between 20-40% people rejected efforts to send them over to Donbas for Putin's eastern push.

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The national guard works as an "internal" security force and report directly to Putin.

They were forced into Ukraine early in the war when Russia believed locals would surrender to Russian troops.

It was hoped that the guards would keep order inside Ukrainian cities but it's known an undisclosed number of them lost their lives.

Lawyers have reported working on similar cases in over 17 cities in Russia.

In the Ukraine, a terrified commander posted up in a steelworks factory under siege by Russian troops sent his final known message warning he was about to lose contact with the outside world.

Serhiy Volynskyi sent his final chilling message as brutal Russian forces attempted to storm the Ukrainian defenders’ last stand location.

The Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol has reportedly been left in desperate conditions as servicemen and civilians hideout from invading troops and alleged bombing runs.

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