Russian mother proudly sends son to bloody front line bragging I have another

A Russian mother whose son has been conscripted as part of Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation says she’s not sad because she has another.

In a video doing the rounds online, she said she had ‘rasied men’ and as such supported the partial mobilisation announced last week.

She said: "Of course I support mobilisation. It's because I raised men, not… I won't be voicing whom, sorry for my language.

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"He's a man, the motherland calls, so it must be!

"Of course, I have all kinds of doubts and I wouldn't want it but what else is there to do?

"I won't be hiding him anywhere. I have another son. He is 37 years old, he has two children."

As is often the way, she came under heavy fire online for her extreme approach to parenting which appears to be based on numbers over love.

One user said: "I pity any child born to a mother like that."

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“Wait until her second son gets drafted”, wrote another.

Another wrote: "If this war drags on for years, it will be five lads. Her two sons and his three kids."

A fourth chimed in: "Life is nothing for them. Like someone said, when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose."

"Disposable offspring, eh. They'll think different after the UA pays them a visit”, said a fifth.

Regardless of views, this man’s fate comes as part of Putin’s partial mobilisation in which he is attempting to get 300,000 more Russian men into the fight in Ukraine.

The huge bout of conscripting has seen men young and old pulled out of their lives and placed into the military – but they have been faced with poor equipment and little training.

Descriptions of the ‘meat grinder’ have circulated widely with Ukrainian sources claiming to have already killed over 50,000 Russians.

Putin has claimed that only men with relevant skills and prior military experience are being called up, however many images have emerged of conscripts looking unprepared and unfamiliar with their weaponry.

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