Russian soldiers killed and injured by Ukrainian bees in wild frenzied attack

A freak bee attack in Ukraine has killed three Russian soldiers and left 25 more in hospital needing treatment.

According to Ukrainian news site Kherson News, a bike of black and yellow mini beasts have joined the fight in defending the country from invading forces.

The small but mighty bee battalion left their hive near the village of Chelburda in the Oleshkovsky district and darted into a camp of Russian soldiers who they reportedly turned on due to a lack of food.

Bees striking is the second time nature has got in Russian soldiers' way in Ukraine as a pair of wild geese were previously blamed for sending an army plane plummeting from the sky and crashing into a swamp.

There is no information on what species of bee launched the attack but the world's most dangerous bees are not typically found in Europe..

So-called 'killer bees' which are formally known as Africanised honey bees will swarm a target in their thousands and each inject them with a devastating dose of venom.

The deadly insect has a track record for attacking in the most gruesome of ways including going for the eyes and filling up a victim's mouth, nostrils and ears.

To have any chance of escaping the stinger onslaught, a human would have to run several hundred yards to safety.

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In October 2014 800,000 bees were said to have been involved in the killing of a 32-year-old man in Arizona who suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.

Vladimir Putin thought the war with Ukraine would be over quickly after he ordered one of the most powerful militaries in the world to suppress their smaller neighbour to the south.

But a series of miscalculations and huge gaffes and staunch Ukrainian resistance has seen the conflict rumble on for over a month now.

A US official said on Tuesday that Putin's forces are "taking incredible losses," putting the number at over 10,000 troops with many of the surviving soldiers living off out-of-date field rations and dog meat.

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Grim reports have emerged that Russian soldiers have been forced to eat dogs as have reports that dogs have been eating the remains of abandoned soldiers.

The 'Butcher of Mariupol' Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev is one of the latest high profile Russians to be sanctioned by the UK.

The blood-thirsty brute has been included on UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss's extended hit list of economic punishment for the war on Ukraine.

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