Russias delusional strategy explains failure in Ukraine says ex-General

A former Major General has explained the "delusional strategy" Russia have used in their invasion of Ukraine and why they have "failed".

Mick Ryan, an ex-Major General in the Australian Army, posted a thread of comments on social media platform Twitter, sharing his thoughts on why Russia had failed to invade Ukraine.

Ryan, who graduated from Royal Military College in 1989 and was appointed Commander of the Australian Defence College in 2018 listed several reasons as to why Russia's invasion was "delusional".

The ex-Major General cited "Russian strategic assumptions" as well as the "delusional strategy" of Russian President Vladimir Putin as key reasons as to why the invasion was a failure.

Ryan, writing on Twitter, said: "The 'delusional strategy' of Putin, has proved a terrible guide for military and information operations in Ukraine.

"The Russian strategic assumptions – Ukraine as a non-state, that Ukraine would rapidly surrender and that the west would not intervene – have all been proven wrong in the last month.

"Assumptions matter in strategy, and the Russians failed here.

"Russian assumptions about a rapid Ukrainian collapse underpinned their initial military strategy. Putin’s desired political endstate – a compliant Ukraine – relied on a decisive and quick military victory."

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Ryan noted that "Ukrainians missed this memo" on a decisive Russian victory and claimed that Russian military planning was "based on these bad strategic assumptions".

The ex-Major General also claims that the "Russian military logistic system collapsed because it was not supposed to be used." citing the "rapidly accelerated" use of fuel, ammunition, food and precious munitions.

He said: "The assumption of a quick capitulation also meant that the Russians did not put in place an operational mechanism to coordinate the forces that had deployed to Ukraine's northern, eastern and southern borders during the build up."

Major Ryan went on to say that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was "a case study of how not to do 21st century strategy."

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