Safety Warehouse fake cash furore: Company claims angry punter cut power to event

Police investigating Safety Warehouse’s cash drop event say there was no criminal offending and have referred complaints to the Commerce Commission.

Meanwhile the company behind the fake $100,000 cash drop in central Auckland’s Aotea Square has now claimed that disgruntled attendees disconnected the power.

In a statement, police confirmed there was no evidence of criminal offending in relation to the cash drop event.

“No evidence of criminal offending has been identified from the information received by police in relation to the money drop,” Inspector Scott Gemmell said.

“Police will be forwarding these complaints to the Commerce Commission for further review.”

Earlier today Safety Warehouse released a statement claiming staff members were “assaulted” and “mobbed by a bunch of thugs” – and that individuals who didn’t receive any cash or vouchers from the drop took it upon themselves to disconnect the power.

“There was an individual who did not receive anything they felt could benefit them and decided their time was wasted and took it upon themselves to disconnect the power,” the company said.

“[This] resulted in The Safety Warehouse not being able to communicate with anyone further.”

The claim comes after chaos erupted when a crowd surged forward to catch what they thought was part of a $100,000 cash giveaway promotion called “The Drop”.

At least 1000 people packed Aotea Square but few reported receiving real money and those who did only received small denominations.

Instead participants walked away with vouchers that looked similar to $5 notes, giving customers discounts to Safety Warehouse products. Many were upset, and angry crowds demanded “real money”.

Managing director Andrew Thorn said Monday his company did distribute “real funds” and his event had been “unfairly characterised” as one with fake money.

In a post to Instagram today, the company also claims employees were assaulted and have referred the incident to police.

“There was a minority who wished to stay within the venue and when The Safety Warehouse staff wished to leave for some food after working 20 hours straight, were approached, then assaulted and ultimately mobbed by a bunch of thugs.

“We will be reviewing all CCTV cameras and the individuals who assaulted, damaged property and contributed to putting many at risk, will be referred to police.

“We don’t tolerate that behaviour in New Zealand and our genuine staff did not deserve anything of the sort.

“These individuals did not have to attend, it was free to enter and it was clearly showcased it was a lolly scramble and you may leave with nothing.”

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