Screaming student, 20, ripped apart by pack of sheepdogs in picnic tragedy

A shepherd has been arrested for manslaughter after a young woman who was looking for a picnic spot was mailed to death by up to 12 sheepdogs.

Pietro Rossomanno had left his flock of sheep unattended all day around Catanzaro, in the southern Italian region of Calabria, on August 26 last year.

He had twelve or thirteen sheepdogs guarding the flock as they roamed near a pine forest in Montefiorino, not far from the town of Satriano.

But Simona Cavallaro who was trying to pick out a picnic spot where she could meet friends the following weekend, was also walking in the area with a friend.

They came across the sheep and, while the dogs were initially friendly – with Simona, 20, even recording a video of herself petting the animals – at some point the pack attacked her.

Simona’s friend managed to find shelter in a nearby chapel but the 20-year-old student was not so lucky.

Simona was “ripped apart” by the dogs, according to local media reports.

Her body was found with lacerations to her lower limbs, head and pelvis, and she is believed to have bled to death as a result.

An autopsy determined that Simona has been fatally mauled by the pack of dogs.

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Now Rossomanno, 45, is under arrest, charged with involuntary manslaughter as well as allowing his animals to wander unsupervised into a designated picnic area.

According to Corriere De La Calabria, the shepherd was in a nearby bar when the fatal attack took place, too far away to hear the screams of the young woman.

Prosecutors say Rossomanno allowed his dogs to watch over his flock without supervision, of having failed to monitor the dogs' behaviour, and of having failed to call them back after they became aggressive towards the young woman.

The prosecution alleges that his conduct was negligent and that he showed a complete lack of care for the basic rules set up to regulate livestock.

The criminal proceedings are currently in their early stages, with a formal investigation now expected to be launched.

Manslaughter in Italy carries a penalty ranging from six months to five years in prison, with the possibility of aggravating circumstances leading to the sentence being extended.

Rossomanno is currently under house arrest, with a judge saying there was a “very real danger” of him repeating the offence.

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