Scumbag burglar chased out of home after being found hiding in childs bedroom

This is the shocking moment a woman chased out a “scumbag” burglar out of her home after finding him hiding in her child’s bedroom.

Alan Terence Cotton, 50, was filmed by the appalled homeowner getting chased out of the property and then out of the grounds.

At one point, he pathetically mumbles: “Sorry, I’ve had a couple of cans and gone the wrong way.”

He turns at times to face the camera before he’s told to show the woman what is in the carrier bag he is carrying.

She says: “Get out of this house now. Turn round while I film your face, you little scumbag.

“What’s in that bag? What’s in that bag? Well show me, show me, show me.”

After shouting for someone to call the police, she added: “You were hiding in a bedroom, a child’s bedroom.

“You were hiding in a child’s bedroom. You were warned to get off this property yesterday.”

The incident occurred at an address in Runcorn, Liverpool, on Saturday, July 17, reports Liverpool Echo.

Cotton, of Fallowfield, Runcorn, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary on Monday (August 16) at Chester Crown Court, where he was jailed for seven years and six months for the offence.

It was found he had stolen a watch and was in possession of two weapons, namely knives, at the time of the offense.

An order was made for the knives to be destroyed.

Cheshire Police reported at the time that officers were called to reports of a man in the address shortly after 1pm, but the suspect had left the scene when they arrived.

Officers arrested Cotton the following day and he was taken into custody.

It comes after a mum gave a warning to fellow homeowners after waking up to a clever kidney bean trick used by thieves.

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