Security guard who shared X-ray photos of sex toys in woman’s luggage fired

A security guard has been sacked from his job after he posted photos of an X-ray of a passenger’s suitcase filled with sex toys on social media.

On Friday, May 7, screenshots were uploaded online by a guard working at the Guangzhou-Foshan subway in China.

When the female commuter had tried to use the subway, her bag was found to contain heavy metal objects and so she was asked to open her bag for it to be searched, the South China Morning Post reports.

The images that were later shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo showed an X-ray image of a bag containing a number of items including a whip, racy lingerie, an anal plug, a dildo, and other assorted electric adult toys.

"There are many beautiful women in Guangzhou, but they are not so serious," the guard said in the group chat.

"She looked like [Taiwanese celebrity] Lin Chi-ling in her plaid skirt, but she had this in her bag."

After the images were widely circulated, someone complained about the guard’s posts to Guangzhou Metro and to the local police force.

A post criticising the security guard for sharing the images has also since gone viral.

It reads: "How can someone as bad-mannered as this qualify as a security guard? Who gave you the right to take photos of commuters’ personal belongings and leave inappropriate comments?"

The security guard has now apologised and said he sent the photos to a friend, who then shared it without his knowledge.

Despite the apology, Guangzhou Metro has since confirmed that the guard has been sacked and was handed over to Foshan Police on Friday after the images had been shared online.

"We have zero tolerance of any action leaking passenger privacy," the Guangzhou Metro said in a statement online. "We have now asked our security check unit to investigate, restrict staff behaviour, and conduct legal and professional training to avoid similar incidents from happening again."

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Some people still took to social media to complain about the Guangzhou Metro’s handling of the incident.

One person wrote on Weibo: "Even though security checks are necessary, the staff who handle them have always been doing a chaotic, inefficient job.

"Not only the Guangzhou-Foshan line needs a shake-up, but the entire metro line also needs one."

Another added: "Not that I’m being picky, you have never been able to avoid similar incidents from happening again.

"I doubt that you have employee training at all."

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