Severed penis in jar found by gardener prompts police investigation

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Police in Argentina are investigating after a gardener discovered a severed penis in a jar at his mum’s house as he tended to the weeds.

The shock discovery occurred at a property in Balcarce, a town in Buenos Aires province around 30 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean coastal resort of Mar de Plata.

Local reports said the gardener had accidentally broken the jar as he tended to his mum’s overgrown grass for the first time in three months and was struck by the “strong smell” coming from inside.

Police forensic experts took the jar and its contents away after being called to the scene by the stunned man.

They have not yet confirmed who they suspect the severed penis might belong to or made any official comment on their find, although a court investigation categorised as “discovery of human remains” has been opened.

It was not immediately clear if anyone was living at the property where the gruesome discovery occurred.

One conflicting local report described the man who found the severed penis as a hired worker rather than the homeowner’s son.

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Photos of the pixelated male member in the jar and police carrying out a site examination have been published in local media, with speculation already rife an ‘Argentinian Lorena Bobbitt' is behind the macabre event.

American Lorena Bobbitt made world headlines by slicing her husband John’s penis off with a knife while he was asleep in bed after claims of years or rape and abuse.

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He was acquitted on a rape charge at a subsequent trial and Lorena was acquitted of wrongdoing by a jury at her trial due to insanity causing an irresistible impulse to sexually wound her husband.

The couple finalised their divorce in 1995 and John went on to star in an adult film called Frankenpenis.

A well-placed source said of the Balcarce penis find: “The male member was in a jar the gardener broke accidentally while he was clearing the garden of weeds.

“Police are now trying to get to the bottom of what it was doing in that garden. Several lines of inquiry are being followed up on.

“The jar contained a liquid which was protecting the penis inside and that was helping to preserve it in the state it was found in.

“By being in the jar it could have been well-preserved for quite a while.”

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