Shark jumps from sea and locks jaws into torso of cool as a cucumber boy

A young boy was attacked by a shark when he went on a fishing trip with his dad.

The eight-year-old boy, Manni Alam, hopped on a small boat with his dad Radwan and family friend, Moe Alsayed to Lady Musgrave Island in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Footage shared online shows Manni, who is in a wet suit, hanging off the side of the boat and grabbing his catch – a coral trout – with his bare hands.

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Moe can be heard saying: "Manni, show me what you got!"

When the boy picked up the fish and placed it on the boat, a shark leapt out of water and sneaked up on Manni, locking its teeth on his torso.

The video cut as Moe gasped in shock.

He later told 9News: "It was a shock. He just watned to show me his beautiful coral trout he had caught.

"As I was capturing it, this shark lunged at him."

Thankfully, Manni was not seriously injured and escaped with just a scratch.

The boy added: "I caught this huge trout and I just wanted to show it on TikTok.

"I went in the water, I was holding the trout then a huge shark attacked me. It felt just like a little bite, a bit on the chest, but that's it."

The young boy said the incident won't stop him from getting in the water.

Viewers were stunned by his reaction, with one writing: "That kid was not the least concerned, cool as a cucumber."

"The kid just looks as if to say 'you alright there bro'," a second added.

Last week in north Sydney, a pack of sharks attacked a dolphin near a beach, forcing swimmers to flee the water.

The bottlenose dolphin suffered bite wounds and eventually died in the shallow waters.


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