Shark leaps out of water and bites off surfers foot in jaw-dropping footage

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A surfer was attacked by a shark as it leaped out of the water and bit off part of his foot while he was parasailing, as shown in a shocking video.

In the clip, a 37-year-old paraglider from Jordan is hovering above the water when the shark suddenly emerges and bites him on the leg.

There is a dramatic crash as the apex predator flies through the water and the water turns white and foamy before the victim glides back into the air where he is safe.

The man, who was badly injured in the attack in the Red Sea in Aqaba, was taken to the Prince Hashem Military Hospital, where he had an operation on his injured right foot and his condition was described as stable.

The injured man apparently had several tendons in his foot severed and the muscle torn, as well as a missing part of the rear of his foot and several broken bones

Mohammad Qatawneh from the Aqaba International Dive Centre told local media that although shocking, attacks by sharks in the Gulf of Aqaba are rare.

He told Jordan News: "The shark attack garnered a lot of media attention.

"Truthfully, it scared a lot of people, but this is something that can take place anywhere.

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"In Karak, for example, there are snakes and scorpions, but in the end, they’re not dangerous enough to scare people away.

"I’ve been diving for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve heard of a shark attack."

The authorities are not sure which species of shark bit the man.

Meanwhile, the "luckiest guy in the world" has survived a terrifying great white shark attack after one of the enormous beasts clamped down on his leg and left him with serious puncture wounds.

Nemanja Spasojevic, 38, was snorkelling and felt something like a "mosquito bite" before he realised a six-foot shark had decided to have a taste of him.

The snorkeller recalled: "He didn't thrash my leg. Gentle bite, let go.

"I could feel mosquito bite-like feeling and slight push; as I look I could see nose and two eyes."

When a great white shark thrashes its head while biting, the force is enough to rip a person's leg clean off.

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