‘Shy’ Queen ‘can only be herself around beloved dogs’ as she mourns puppy death

The Queen is "devastated" by the death of one of her beloved puppies as they are the only living beings she can truly be herself around, a royal commentator has claimed.

Fergus, the monarch's five-month-old dachshund-corgi cross, died last weekend – just over a month after losing her husband Prince Philip.

To make matters worse, being with her dogs is the only time Her Majesty can "truly relax" in what has so far been an incredibly difficult year for her, according to royal author Penny Junor.

The 'dorgi' was a gift from Prince Andrew, along with a corgi named Muick, while the Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital after falling ill earlier this year.

The Queen was thought to have stopped getting new pets following the death of her beloved corgi Vulcan last year.

But she was reportedly thrilled to welcome the new additions to Windsor Castle when they arrived.

In fact, she took Fergus and Muick for walks around the luxurious castle grounds almost daily to help her mourn the death of her husband, the Mirror reports.

The Queen has had a companionship with dogs ever since her childhood, Junor said.

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She added that the Queen uses her dogs to 'put people at ease' and said it is with the animals that 'she herself can truly relax.'

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, she said: "Her bond with her dogs, though, reveals something essential about The Queen. She is an essentially shy woman, thrust into a public role at an early age that does not come naturally to her.

"Around her dogs she can be completely herself, sure in the knowledge that they love her for who she is, rather than what she is. That has made them her most trusted companions.

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"With almost every other person from her youth now gone – her parents, her sister, her husband, most of her close-knit circle of friends of similar age and background – it is one more blow that she will, in public at least, bear with the dignity and stoicism we all so admire in her."

Prince Philip died on April 9, just weeks after he returned from a month-long stay in hospital.

The father-of-four was the longest-serving consort in British history, dedicating decades of his life to royal duty, serving the nation at the monarch's side.

He had spent the last year isolating with his wife at Windsor Castle along with a scaled back team of royal staff.

The Queen famously described the Duke of Edinburgh as her "strength and stay" throughout their 73 years of marriage.

Following the death of dorgi Gergus, the Queen has told aides to look for a new companion for her lonely dog Muick.

Her Majesty has asked courtiers for a list of breeders after the dachshund corgi cross died from a heart defect.

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