Sisters of man claiming to be King Charles secret son speak out against him

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    Two women who say they are sisters of " King Charles 'secret son" Simon Dorante-Day say he is in "damage control" after they rubbished his "fake" claims.

    Tracie, from Gosport, Hampshire, 52, says she is Simon's "potential birth sister", while Amanda, 56, from Buckinghamshire, is Simon's older adoptive sister.

    They run the Facebook page The Fake Prince Down Under – The Research, a response to what they call fantastical claims by Dorante-Day, who claims he is the lovechild of King Charles and Queen Consort, Camilla.

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    "He's very much in damage control and has gone to town attempting to discredit me as he has so often done previously when we publish the truth," Amanda told the Daily Star after Simon reacted to our exclusive, where they debunked his claims.

    A day after the Daily Star piece, Simon clapped back by making a series of bizarre claims against his 'sisters' and even branded the King "a criminal".

    "The criminal King Charles and his wife Queen Consort Camilla know the abuse I was put through to cover up the truth that I am their biological son," he wrote on Facebook on Monday, January 23.

    Amanda said the bizarre, long-winded Facebook post was evidence of the "lengths he will go to, trying to maintain his facade."

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    She added: "We are just keen to get the truth out, that there is always two sides to a story."

    Simon has repeatedly said his grandmother, Nanan, had allegedly told him Charles and Camilla were his biological parents in 1998 – and says he has video evidence of the event which he will "demonstrate in court".

    Tracie and Amanda previously said that a desire for "importance" drives what they say are lies from the 56-year-old engineer.

    "As an adoptee I think he has an image of whom and where he would like to come from – or his bio family to be – and we never fitted this," Amanda added.

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