Snow forecast map: Exact date and location snow to hit as charts turn red – latest

BBC Weather: Cold temperatures for UK with some snow

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After a record-breaking mild New Year, weather conditions have returned to normal this week. But conditions will change dramatically in the coming days as temperatures will fall below freezing for many parts of the UK.

While the Met Office’s forecast for the UK this week is largely mild with outbreaks of patchy rain and fog, this will come to an abrupt end next week, as temperatures will fall falling below freezing for some parts of the UK.

Weather maps from show that snow could batter huge swathes of the UK from January 17 to January 19.

The forecaster warns temperatures will “feel like” -3 to 3C for the UK on January 17 before it will warm up slightly on January 18 and January 19, to feel like -1 to 4C.

The forecaster warns that from Monday, January 17 snowfall is highly likely across Northern Ireland, Northern Scotland, Wales spreading into counties in England on the Welsh border and potentially as far as London.

The following day will also see widespread snow across the UK but it will be much more patchy.

On January 18 snow will likely fall across Northern England, North Wales, North Scotland as well as Devon and Cornwall.

Parts of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Hampshire might also see some snow flurries.

On Wednesday, January 19 temperatures will start to fall and fewer areas will receive snow.

The chance of snow overall for the UK plummets dramatically from January 19 according to

Patches of snow could fall in parts of South West Scotland and Northern England. Isolated patches might also be seen further south and in Northern Wales, but overall the risk of snow is limited.

The only part of the UK with a high chance of snow on January 19 is Northern Scotland, especially across the Highlands and Cairngorms.

Although has forecast wintery conditions for next week, the Met Office’s long-range for the UK is much milder.

From January 15 to January 24, the Met Office has forecast a continuation of largely settled conditions as we head into the middle of January.

They expect most areas will be dry but spells of rain and stronger winds could be felt across northern England and Scotland.

There may be patches of fog and frost overnight but the Met Office hasn’t predicted the dramatic drop in temperatures has forecast.

Long-range forecasts improve in accuracy as the date of the forecast approaches, so we will get a better picture of the likelihood of snowfall between January 17 to January 19 later this week.

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