Spain floods LIVE: Cars swept into Med as 28 provinces on red alert for more chaos

Germany floods: Merkel visits area impacted by destruction

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Showers and storms continue today as 28 provinces are on alert, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency. More than 250 litres per square metre of rainfall flooded the northeast town of Alcanar on Wednesday as flash flooding quickly turned into a river, sweeping everything in its path.

Popular holidays destinations including Mallorca and Menorca have been placed on orange warning, while the Balearic Islands have a yellow warning.

Showers are expected to subside at the end of the day, except in the northeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands where they may even strengthen.

Firefighters were forced to use a helicopter to rescue three people in serious danger as more were pulled from rising water.

Four people also had to be rescued from a campsite while almost 60 residents have been relocated to hotels and 16 spent a night on cots in a sports pavilion.

Additional reporting by Francesca Edwards


People rescued as rising flood waters ravage the region

Firefighters in Alcanar used a helicopter to rescue three people who were in serious danger.

More had to be pulled from cars that were caught in the rising waters.

Regional authorities have been forced to relocate at least 58 residents into hotels, while another 16 spent the night on cots in a sports pavilion.

A further four people had to be rescued at a nearby camping ground that was also badly damaged.

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