Stray puppy gets new foster home after refusing to leave a family’s doorstep

A young pup has been fostered after lying on a family's doorstep and refusing to leave.

Lila, the four to six-month-old Australian Shepherd dog was found resting on the porch on August 3.

She was discovered by the family in La Porte, near Houston, Texas, reports Bored Panda.

After refusing to leave for several hours, the stray pup lay on the porch and was even fed by the welcoming family.

However, the family could not let her in but also did not want her to wander off.

They got in contact with This Is Houston, a rescue organisation, and then a post about the situation on Facebook became public.

It said: “This puppy showed up in someone’s driveway in La Porte yesterday. They fed her and she wouldn’t leave their porch. They couldn’t allow her inside and they hoped she wouldn’t wander off while they looked for help.”

“We can’t imagine what she thought as she looked inside the glass, but we are thankful she found a family that would get her some help. One of our fosters couldn’t stand to see her continue sleeping on the porch so she picked her up last night and brought her to safety.”

“She’s a little baby at about four – five months old, and she likely has demodex mange. She’ll see a vet tomorrow but today, she’s resting peacefully inside. We’ll get this baby back to health in no time!”

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Following this, she was picked up by a rescuer and taken to the vet.

She is now enjoying a loving foster home – and thanks to social media, as well as finding the right porch to sit outside, Lila is finally receiving love and care until she finds her forever home.

Facebook users flooded the comments with well wishes.

One user said: "Poor baby girl, she was just looking for someone to love her."

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